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The Stagnant Life Inside A Refugee Camp

**Co-Produced with Annie Bergeron-Oliver**  The living conditions in refugee camps across the West Bank have worsened over the last several decades, according to many Palestinian families. “It’s not easy to put food on the table for the kids three times a day or to wash the kids because of the water shortage,” said Haim Abu Aleish, … Continue reading

Behind the Wall

THE WEST BANK–I remember the moment I told my friends I would be leaving Australia to study international reporting in Israel. Many of them stared at me with fear in their eyes and would say, “Don’t tell me you’re also traveling to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.” I sat there, laughed and simply … Continue reading

Living in the Promised Land

JERUSALEM–The Jewish quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem was barely alive. Families were tucked away in their homes, visiting synagogues and spending their day living quietly. They were all taking part in Shabbat, a day of religious observance and abstinence from work, kept by Jews from sundown Friday through until Saturday evening. Suddenly, a … Continue reading

If a bomb goes off in Syria, does it make a sound?

The other night I was out enjoying a few cocktails with a friend in Melbourne. As we enjoyed the atmosphere and absorbed the beautiful city and everything it had to offer, it wasn’t long until we met two friendly American males. Or so it seemed at least… After a few more drinks, things escalated and … Continue reading

Shucked Coffee House: Café Review

Imagine someone has visited Melbourne, cunningly stolen both a warehouse and a graffiti laneway. They’ve thrown it into a magical blender, mixed it with 1970s décor (which they had collected in a recent time-travelling journey), added a dash of bodacious food and creamy coffee, and then dumped it in Brisbane’s Newstead. Here you’ll find the … Continue reading


It seemed so simple. A malicious warlord by the name of Joseph Kony was in hiding. He had committed countless atrocities, including the abduction of more than 30,000 children in Central Africa since 1987. He forced the children he abducted either to become child soldiers in his Lord’s Resistance Army or sex slaves, and he … Continue reading

New increases in compulsory superannuation guarantee a ‘burden’

Small businesses are concerned about the financial effects the new superannuation compulsory guarantee changes will bring. The increase which will begin during 2013 from 9 per cent to 9.25 per cent before reaching 12 per cent in 2019 will be seen as a direct benefit to all superannuation members, however small businesses – such as … Continue reading

Should we have the right to die? – Euthanasia

The right to life has been recognised as a fundamental human right – but what about the right to death? “The law wouldn’t let a dog suffer the agony I’m going through before an inevitable death. It would be put down. Yet under the law, my life is worth less than a dog’s.” These are … Continue reading

Ex-hostage: Nigel Brennan

In a country notorious for armed conflict, with extremely high threats of terrorist attacks and dangerous levels of violent crime lies Australian photojournalist Nigel Brennan in a dark, ridiculously tiny room on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Somalia. “It was fucking pandemonium,” he says almost four years after the experience. As an attempt to free himself … Continue reading

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