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The Stagnant Life Inside A Refugee Camp

**Co-Produced with Annie Bergeron-Oliver**  The living conditions in refugee camps across the West Bank have worsened over the last several decades, according to many Palestinian families. “It’s not easy to put food on the table for the kids three times a day or to wash the kids because of the water shortage,” said Haim Abu Aleish, … Continue reading

Behind the Wall

THE WEST BANK–I remember the moment I told my friends I would be leaving Australia to study international reporting in Israel. Many of them stared at me with fear in their eyes and would say, “Don’t tell me you’re also traveling to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.” I sat there, laughed and simply … Continue reading

Living in the Promised Land

JERUSALEM–The Jewish quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem was barely alive. Families were tucked away in their homes, visiting synagogues and spending their day living quietly. They were all taking part in Shabbat, a day of religious observance and abstinence from work, kept by Jews from sundown Friday through until Saturday evening. Suddenly, a … Continue reading

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